Lighted Dog and Pet Leash

"Our neighbor Gary has one for his dog Hershey and we think it is so cool! We need one that we could use while if you need an idea for another product, that is something we would buy immediately!" - Shannon S.

"aaamazing product. I live in a rural area and there are not many street lights, and I would have to carry a flashlight to alert on coming cars for safty. Since I purchased the Funky lite leash, I could not feel safer walking my dog, Jack. The glow can been seen from far away. Thank you so much! David," - David Steinberg -

"The first thing I noticed about the leash was the solid construction, it was plenty sturdy for my strong pulling 51 pound setter/spaniel. The second thing was that cars actually swerved away from me well before they were close to me. I now feel very safe walking around the dark corners of my neighborhood. This product is worth every penny." - Gary B., Charlotte, NC

"At first I thought my Funky Lite Leash was just a great fashion statement for me and my dog, but when I turned on the light and walked at night and saw how amazing the reflection spread, I realized this was a serious safety device!" - Anonymous

"Awesome product for the pooch who has everything, even your kids will have fun walking your pup!" - Kim

"hey cary, thanx for the leash... it really is cool, see ya later." - missy

"these are great" - bonecracr

Lighted Dog and Pet Leash
FunkyLite Leash
$19.95 each

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