Lighted Dog and Pet Leash

The Funky Lite Leash - Safely Walk Your Pet at Night:
The Lighted Visible Safety Connection Between You And Your Dog

The Funky Lite Leash has a bright fluorescent green light that can be seen from a great distance in the dark.  It's called Visible Electroluminescent Technology and is Affordable and Available Now!

This lighted pet leash is about five feet long and strong! Can handle up to 100 pounds of dog, cat or any walkable pet.

Turn on the pet leash by pressing the on/off button once for intermittent flashing, a second time for constant illumination, and a third time to turn off.  Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Order Yours Today - The Funky Lite Leash is a great gift for any pet lover!

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Lighted Dog Leash

Be Seen and Be Safe
Keep you and your pet visible to nighttime drivers with the Funky Lite Leash!
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The Funky Lite Leash Features:
* Highly Visible Electroluminescent Technology
* A Highly Visible Lighted Leash for both the Dog and the Walker
* Weather Resistant Lighted Dog Leash
* Stainless Steel Holding Cable for a durable lighted leash
* Can Handle Pets up to 100 Pounds
* Makes a great gift

FunkyLite Leash

$19.95 each

We make the very best security light for you and your pet.
A sturdy lighted dog leash that maintains a very bright solid or flashing light as you walk your pet at night.

You provide your pet the best food and nutrition, give them love and attention, now provide them the best in safety and security while you walk them.  Feel safe walking your pet at any hour of the day or night.  This is the only leash you will need, turn on the light for night time walks and turn off for day time walks.  The Funky Lite Leash was created by a pet lover for pet lovers.

We developed the Funky Lighted Dog Leash because statistics show a sharp increase in injuries to both people and their dogs, cats, etc while walking, because oncoming traffic can't see either one.  The Lighted Dog Leash provides the visible lighted connection between you and your pet.

As a dog owner and co-founder of the Funky Lite Leash, I feel extremely safe at night when walking my dog, realizing that the oncoming motor vehicles will be able to clearly see us because of the very bright light emitted from the leash.  It's an early warning system for you and your pet.

The lighted dog leash is constructed of highly visible patented electroluminescent technology.  The leash has a rugged stainless steel holding cable and an extra strength dog clip to attach the dogs collar to the leash.  Powered by 2 AA batteries, the lighted dog leash is equipped with both a bright flashing mode and a bright continuous on mode.  This is not simply a glow in the dark leash that will fade over time.

As a pet safety device there isn't anything better on the market then the Funky Lite Leash.  When thinking about purchasing dog food, dog toys or any pet products.... please consider this brightly illuminated dog leash so that you can feel safe and secure when walking your pet in the dark.  Remember...SAFETY IS NEVER STUPID.

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